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Evaluation and we analyze the documentation granted, we carry out the technical visits to the land, we verify characteristics, location, environment and possible discrepancies with the cadastral data.


Our appraisal company, in the technical visit of the house, verifies the land, distribution of environments, construction material, environment, registry data and evaluates comparatively with other similar properties.


The apartment is inspected and together with the registry data, the expert appraiser analyzes its characteristics, time, percentage of participation that corresponds to it, location, area, age, among others.


Our specialist reviews the type of construction, age, finishes, quality, number of rooms per floor, bathrooms, doors and windows, electrical installations, as well as building parking lots.

Industrial Premises

When performing the inspection, our expert appraiser verifies the industrial premises as a whole, that is, land area, industrial plant, right to use water, environmental factors, among others.

Commercial Premises

When inspecting a commercial premises, the expert appraiser verified with the registry data, the earthquake, the location area of ​​the land, the location area, the built area, commercial environments, other environments, bathrooms, passageways, potential risks and critical areas, among others.


The verification of our specialist is on the vacant land with the registration data, if it has access to irrigation with stream water, if it is on a slope, flat area or near the sea and determines soil category among others.

Usufruct and Easement

The expert appraiser verifies with the registry data the location of the easement, if it is in vacant land, agriculture, forestry, etc. In usufruct, the owner will compensate for income not received within the agreed period.

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